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Persian Cat Ch Tony Montanna of Kaddyshack

Kaddyshack Cattery is located in Cleveland, Missouri, 45 minutes south of Kansas City. Kaddyshack is a CFA Cattery of Excellence, established in 1988. Our specialty is in Shaded Silver and Chinchilla Silver Persian cats with exquisite green eyes. We are also offering blue eyed Himalayan/Persian cats. All of our breeding stock have been Fe-LeukInformationFe-LeukFeline Leukemia is a viral disease seen only in cats. It can’t be transmitted to humans (even children) or to dogs or any other species., FIVInformationFIVFIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) preferentially infects white blood cells which are an essential part of a cat's immune system. The virus disables or destroys the white blood cells, and leaves its host susceptible to infections. Once a cat is infected with FIV it is infected for life and can transmit the virus if it bites another cat.

Even though this virus acts similar to the AIDS virus in people, humans are not infected with FIV.
, and PKDInformationPKDPolycystic kidney disease is an inherited kidney disease that has been found in Persians and other purebred cats. PKD is a slowly progressive disease. It clinically shows up later in life (late onset), with enlarged kidneys and kidney dysfunction on average at seven years of age. The condition is inherited and cysts are present from birth. The size of cysts can vary from less than one millimetre to several centimetres, with older animals having larger and more numerous cysts. Problems occur when these cysts start to grow and progressively enlarge the kidney, reducing the kidneys' ability to function properly. The ultimate end is kidney failure. tested Negative.

Our Persian kittens and Himalayan kittens come with CFA registration papers and four generation pedigree. They are vaccinated and wormed at 8 and 12 weeks of age and come with a written health Guarantee. After 12 weeks, Persian kittens have had their basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability needed for their new environment.

Persian cats and Himalayan cats, with their long flowing coats and open pansy-like faces are the number one breed in popularity. Their sweet and gentle personalities are compatible with most households once they feel secure in their new environment. Creatures of habit, they are most at home in an atmosphere of security and serenity. With love and reassurance Persian kittens can easily adapt to the most boisterous of households. Persian kittens are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners. Playful but never demanding, they love to pose and will drape themselves in a favourite window or chair.

Persians long flowing coats require an indoor, protected environment. Proper maintenance requires a weekly run-through with a metal comb to eliminate the potential drawbacks of tangles and hair balls. An occasional bath, attempted only after a complete comb-through and clipping of the nail tips, will keep the coat clean, healthy and beautiful. It is wise to establish the routine of the bath when they are young. Keeping the Persian indoors also keeps it safe from transmission of disease and parasites, as well as the dangers of urban life. The large eyes do mean that a certain amount of tearing is normal, and a daily face wash is recommended. With an annual trip to a trusted veterinarian, and good nutrition and care, the Persian cat can live as a family member for easily 15 years, and some surpassing 20 years.

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Our Pricing on Persian kittens and Himalayan kittens usually depends on type, applicable markings and bloodlines. Check our breeders of Silver Persian Cats and Himalayan Cats pedigree pages.

Our cattery is a remodeled cottage turned it into a very functional cattery complete with heating, air conditioning, and a modern 'kitchen" area for grooming, bathing, food storage and laundry facilities. Several large windows allow for light and fresh air, and the living areas have ample space for the kittens to romp and play. Our cats are really quite spoiled.